3D Work

Monster Sculpt Mudbox


This is my first ever sculpt in Mudbox, I decided to try and learn a different medium.


Galen Front View

This is the front view of my character. This was modelled using Maya.


Galen View side

This is a character I have modelled for my final year project in University. This was modelled using Maya.


Rocky Room – with light

This is a better view of the room and the final finished render I did for the project.


Rocky Room – corner view

This is a room I created in college using Maya. We had to watch a film and create a room filled with objects that represent that film. Viewers had to be able to tell which film it was just by looking at the room. I based mine on the film Rocky.


My Room – Uni

I created this image of my bedroom in my accommodation. I did this in Maya.


Etcha-Sketch Controller – Front View

This is a front view of our hand held Etch-Sketch. Instead of using the traditional knobs we inserted Analog Sticks. This was created using Maya.


Etcha-Sketch Controller – Back View

I worked as part of a team to take an already existing object and re-design it to make it better. We chose the Etcha-Sketch. We designed it as a hand held console with touch screen capabilities and with the ability to use colour. This was created using Maya.


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